Sleep Well Blend


Who doesn’t want a great night’s sleep? I know I do and am probably not alone. I had a great friend go through a period of several years struggling with insomnia. She had a lot of stress and anxiety in her life brought on by owning and growing a business and the functioning in everyday life. She came to me to see if I could help. In addition to my own knowledge, I dug into the research to see what had been proven to help. Our Sleep Well Blend is a formulation based on scientific research on the best essential oils to induce sleep. This along with a daily meditation practice has made a huge difference in her life and the sleep quality of many others. Sleep Well and Nighty Night!

For Insomnia Relief due to Stress or Anxiety. Made with love in Columbus, MT.



Jojoba oil, essential oils of Citrus Bergamia ( Bergamot) & Santalum Spicatum (Australian Sandalwood).


Roll on small area near temples, back of neck, and behind ears.


For use at bedtime only. Some ingredients cause photosensitivity. For external use only.