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Thyme For Wellness is a full service massage therapy and  aromatherapy studio featuring handcrafted and holistic natural oils, balms, and repellent products. We're happy you stopped by. Schedule an appointment today or check out our shop.


Massage Therapy

Experience a profound decrease of pain and anxiety with our massage therapy services.


A custom-tailored massage and essential oil experience blended specifically for you.

Our Products

Wild | Hand Crafted | Natural

Our holistic oils, balms, and repellents are handcrafted using only the finest natural ingredients available. 

Our Guarantee

All of our products are made with Pure Intention. This means that we hand craft each one using pure, organic (whenever possible) ingredients. No parabens, no phthalates, no petrochemicals, no ethoxylated ingredients, no synthetic color or fragrance, no sodium laurel sulfate. We use therapeutic grade essential oils sourced from companies that have strict sustainability standards. We may not list our essential oils individually (proprietary blends), however we will list precautions. Please feel free to email us for more information if you have sensitivities. If we can’t make it pure…then we don’t make it! Plain and Simple.

Our Blog

As Organic as our products

Learn more about us, essential oils, aromatherapy, news, tips, and more in our blog.


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If you have a child aged 2-15 years old, we want to hear from you! The Franklin Institute of Wellness, in partnership with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, is...

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Several years ago in Seattle, Washington, there lived a 52-year-old Tibetan refugee. "Tenzin," as I will call him, was diagnosed with one of the more curable forms of lymphoma. He...

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Effect of Hand and Foot Massage Therapy on Psychological Factors and EEG Activity in Elderly People Requiring Long-Term Care Massage therapy is widely used as a complementary therapy in the...